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About Me


I am a recent graduate of ARU Cambridge School of Art with a BA in Fashion Design. 

I have always been passionate about the world of clothes and fabrics. I can still recall the excitement of transforming my mother's scraps of fabric into garments for dools. This early exploration awakened a profound passion within me — a realisation that my ideas and concepts could materialise into wearable garments and allow people to convey their true selves, make bold statements, and embrace their identities.

During my design process, I lend emotions with fabric

manipulation, innovative silhouettes, and prints,

sustainability and care for the enviroment being 

always at the core of what I do.


With over a year of experience as a tailor at levi's, I have repaired over 100 pairs of jeans that would have ended up in the landfield. I decided to take this further and started delivering repair workshops and use second hand clothes and fabric as part of my practice.

My mission? Inspire positive change in the fashion industry!

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