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As a young designer I create fashion that is both stylish and functional. That's why my projects are infused with intricate details, bold lines, and expert craftsmanship. My fashion designs are carefully curated to fit the needs and styles of every customer, so they feel confident and comfortable at any event.

I believe in producing environmentally sustainable fashion through my creative process, which incorporates eco-friendly fabrics as well as utilizing deadstock and second hand clothes. 

La Dolce Vita // A/W 2024

La Dolce Vita is a collection that explores the challenges and self-expression of a displaced young adult.

The application of Traditional Romanian motifs and laser cut creates surface decoration, referencing colours, shapes and materials of the Constructivism movement, while the use of dead stock leather and eco-fabrics highlight the importance of sustainability. 

Illustration line up

Summer of Love // S/S 2023

The collection rapresents the rebellious voice in each of us driven by the urgency of protesting against the atrocities of war. This collection seeks peace, referencing the colours, symbols and motifs of the 1960s Flower power Movement. 

ilustration line

Mill road Fashion Show

My passion for fashion and sustainability led me to develop a fashion show that not only promotes eco-friendliness but also gives back to the community. I work alongside a talented team to bring together the best upcycled items from local charities and thrift shops. Our goal is to showcase the beauty and infinite possibilities of sustainable fashion, while also raising awareness about the importance of circularity in the industry. 

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